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Sqirl's Grape-ade Recipe

Sqirl's Grape-ade Recipe

Concord Grapes have been all the rage at Sqirl this Winter. Our "seasons" are a bit of an echo of the actual timing of the seasons (due to the nature of preservation), so if you're reading this article in November you've nailed it, its time for some grape-ade: 

Makes 8x 80z servings (1/2 Gallon)



277g grapes (lightly blended)
0.14g sugar
0.24kg water

Concord Limeade

660g syrup
230g water
200g fresh lime juice


Combine blended grapes, sugar, & water, in a stock pot, palce over medium heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, then strain. Combine the grape syrup, with an additional 230g (35% syrup weight) water, & 200g (30% syrup weight) fresh lime juice. Voila!



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