Our practices in COVID times.
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I. Picking Up From Sqirl

No mask, no service! Please affix your mask securely over your nose and mouth before approaching the restaurant.

● When picking up from Sqirl, check in at Sqirl with your order number.
● If your order is not quite ready, please find a dot in the waiting area and we will call you when it is ready.
● We will pack your order with prepackaged utensils and close the bag with security tape.
● Place your order online or over the phone for contactless payment. You can also order when you arrive at Sqirl Away., our new market located nextdoor to Sqirl. If more than three people are inside of the market, please kindly wait outside.
● We accept Credit Cards and Apple Pay only.
● We make your drinks upon arrival to ensure your drink is fresh.

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II. Dining At Sqirl

● We have a couple of tables available on our patio where you can sit after your items are picked up.
● These tables have been placed 6 ft apart. Please do not move the tables.
● Tables are sanitized after every use.
● Please keep the staff safe by tossing out your trash into the available trashcan.
● Please only have your mask down while eating or drinking.
● When leaving the patio, ensure your mask is on over your nose and mouth.

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III. Visiting Sqirl Away and Rolek’s World of Wine:

Max 3 people inside at any one time.

● Please use hand sanitizer prior to shopping. We also have gloves available on request.
● Please be conscious of social distancing and follow the directional arrows while shopping in the market.
● We accept Credit Cards and Apple Pay only. *EBT/Snap coming soon!*

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IV. What We’re Doing To Be Safe For Ourselves and For You:

● Logging our daily temperature and oximeter reading into Sqirl’s online Health Tracker.
● Wearing gloves and maintaining masks over nose and mouth.
● We provide individual, labeled lockers to our staff for personal belongings.
● We sanitizing high-touch areas every hour.
● We provide hand sanitizer throughout the facility for staff and guests.
● We’ve placed 6 ft distancing dots throughout all parts of the restaurant, kitchen, market, and exterior.
● We look lovingly at diners’ pets, but do not come into contact with them.
● The kitchens at Sqirl and Sqirl Away have an A rating from the LA County Health Department.

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V. What We’ve Done For Our Team During COVID:

Paid 100% of Health Care Benefits for April, May and June Too.

While the Affordable Care Act does not require the business to provide healthcare to a staff of less than 50 employees, Sqirl provides healthcare benefits to all employees who work over 30 hours a week and also paid the entirety of their deductions for April, May, and June.

Furloughed Employees Kept Their Benefits Intact.

When other restaurants were shutting down and firing their employees, Sqirl committed to furloughing the majority of ours. That meant that employees could receive enhanced federal and state employment benefits while Sqirl continued to pay for their health care. NOTE: COVID-19 did make four positions obsolete and therefore 4 employees were laid off.

Fed 10,000 Out-Of-Work Restaurant Employees Through the Lee Initiative, Saved Ten Sqirl Jobs at Increased Wage Rates.

From April 4 to May 31, Sqirl partnered with the Lee Initiative to provide more than 10,000 meals to out-of-work restaurant and hospitality employees. Ten Sqirl employees – prep and line cooks – chose to stay on and staff the project and received a pay increase (hazard pay) to do it.

Applied for and Secured CARES Act Loans to Weather the Storm and Cover.

Sqirl sought a Paycheck Protection Program loan in the first application period and finally obtained one in the second application. It meant moving the business’s accounts to a new banking institution. Sqirl used the funds to bring furloughed employees back on payroll at pre-tip wage rates that were at or higher than pre-COVID levels (boosting rates helped to offset tip losses) and to pay for rent and utilities.

No Reduction In Pay - Even For Managers – During and Post-PPP.

Sqirl hasn’t cut pay for a single Sqirl employee – hourly or salaried – during the COVID crisis.

Raised More Than $15K for Staff.

Sqirl sponsored a GiveSmart online fundraising drive, promoted employee-initiated merchandise sales, and gave the money earned through those initiatives to hourly and salaried employees.

Developed A COVID Open Source “Health Tracker” Application.

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