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A Mulberry Farm Found on Craigslist

A Mulberry Farm Found on Craigslist

Last week we made a quick jaunt up to Mulberry Haven, Holly Vesecky's mulberry farm and residence in Ojai for a chance to taste the tender Oscar mulberries straight off the tree, a true treat.



Holly originally found her fantastic plot in Ojai on craigslist, being sold by a mulberry advocate (ie berry freak) who was moving to the Salton Sea to grow dates. Holly's mother, who had always had an interest in farming and communal living, made quick work of turning it into a commune that would run for a good decade with friends coming and going, staying int eh various rooms and all over the property. With the recent passing of Holly's lovely mother, the land is now solely under Holly and her husband Josh' keen eyes and caring hands. The berry trees on the plot are flourishing like never before, alongside other projects like rhubarb and florals that Holly uses for her floral business, "Holly Flora".



As we approached the farm last week we were met with a beautiful remembrance of Holly's mother, her car sat at the edge of the property, happily gathering the fallen but succulent mulberries across its roof, a large dinner plate for happy birds and critters who enjoy the berry just as much as we do.



Holly & Josh manage the ecosystem with verve. There's well selected tunes playing from the berry collection cart as we walk up (Josh moonlights as a DJ in town), and we're a couple weeks ahead of their "Jamberry" a jamboree involving berry picking, general revelry, music, river dipping, and camping on the property that they have been hosting for a couple years now. If you're not on their close friends list though, the best way to experience the berries is to drive up for one of their U-pick Sundays which they have every year once they've picked their fill. You'll be met with two of the most gracious hosts you could ask for, some of the tastiest berries you've ever had, and honestly the best price I've ever seen per carton (its actually less than what we buy the berries for!). The only tradeoff is that you may drive back to LA with berry-stained purple fingers, but we're certain that's a fair deal.




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