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Bacon serving but vegan friendly, attuned to the rhythms of an L.A. day (breakfast until 4 p.m.), Sqirl is of the moment yet anchored by something deeper. Patric Kuh

Hidden behind a flowering Pink Tabebuia tree on the edge of Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood, you will find Sqirl.

Sqirl began here, on the northeast corner of Virgil Avenue and Marathon Street, as a preserves company in 2011. We added breakfast and lunch service to our tiny 800-square-foot space a year later.

Sqirl’s food is resolutely market-driven. Our menu features re-imagined classics, innovative specials, dishes you’ve never heard of before.

We offer a rotating selection of desserts: from the pillow-soft Valhrona Fleur De Sel Cookie to the crystallized crust and oozy insides of the Malva Pudding Cake.

Depending on the season, you might find Gravenstein Apple Butter, Moro Blood Orange Marmalade, Wild Boysenberry, or a Blenheim Apricot preserve to take home in a jar or, if you prefer, spread over a slab of Brioche toast.

We still make all of our preserves on site, in copper jam pans, and according to techniques developed in the 1500s.

Your meal ends, or your day begins, with Sqirl’s own almond milk in a cappuccino, an Alishan tea from purveyor Floating Tea Leaves, a turmeric tonic, a fresh pressed blood orange juice, or a rhubarb lemonade.