Sqirl just received a 4 star restaurant review from Besha Rodell of the LA Weekly.

Taking this time to reflect, Sqirl is a team of significant talent and it’s the support that we have given to each other over the last year that has allowed this place to blossom into an electrifying food experience. I can take pride in bringing heart and imagination to the space. But as we’ve evolved over the year, the Sqirl team has too, and now we’re really started to hum like a band in a serious groove. So maybe that leaves me in more of a conductor seat. Perhaps a Gustavo Dudamel (minus the hair). If I could only be that good!

We have a lead singer/guitar player, Sqirl’s Pastry Chef, Meadow Ramsey, who carries the skill of not just being refined at one thing…but many things. She is a Mrs. Miyagi in her workspace, honing, finessing, while belting out nuanced work to the Sqirl world. The moist upside-down cake with tart rhubarb and berries as well as the dense but delicate almond financiers are two examples.

We also have a banjo player, Sous Chef, Matthew Wilson. He’s the guy in that corner rocking chair, who’s fingers won’t stop playing. And not old standards, but new originals, and he doesn’t even know it’s happening. Two of those hits just happen to be Tahitian squash–and-ricotta-filled tortelli and the Tuna Poke.

Then there’s the one keeping the tempo, drummer/symbols player, Chef De Cuisine, Ria Dolly Barbosa Wilson . Like Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint she can fade into the background with a steady beat and a nuanced stride or venture out into a solo at which point you realize she’s the most magnetic part of the group. The Sunchoke Hash and Carrot Pancake are two magnificent examples.

There’s others. On both the Kitchen and Coffee/Tea side of things. And everyone of us keeps this place humming. And at this very moment, the hum is a really sweet, sweet tune.

Thank you, to LA Weekly’s Besha Rodell, for your considered words.