As you may have heard…

SQIRL is growing!

This cafe began as a collaborative, pop-up toast and coffee “experiment.”  And when we say pop-up, we mean it… in all of its temporary, slapped-together, ad hoc glory.  We’ve been humbled and flattered by the positive feedback (and constructive criticism) you’ve given us.  Over the next few weeks, we’re planning to add more indoor seating space, expand our food and drink service, and add something that is still, as of now, a surprise.

**We’re also happy that Alex Guzman (Single Origin) will be joining SQIRL to run the coffee and tea side of things, effective May 13, 2013.  Yes, that means we’ll be saying goodbye to G&B, our winsome collaborators.  We wish them the very best in their new endeavors.

**Keep your eyes on this space.  We’ll have to close down for a week or two to make the changes.  Perhaps June, perhaps July.  We’re just not yet sure.  But we look forward to classing up a bit in the months ahead and welcoming you all back with open arms on our part and, we hope, voracious appetites on yours.

**All the best,

Jessica Koslow (DBA SQIRL)