As a little girl, I would wait for my mom to come home (sometimes at 9pm), sit her down and give her a menu.  It was one of the many menus my grand parents saved from their cruises up and down the Pacific.  “I’ll take the Chateaubriand…well done,” she’d say.  I had no idea that she was referring to Napoleon’s favorite cut of meat….cooked to ruins.  I’d go to the warmer, pull out the pre-made dinner and serve it to her.

Even if I did not know it then, we both found great joy in those evenings as I took care of her and she of me.  I think it about it now, as Sqirl has found itself on Jonathan Gold’s Top 10 of 2012.  I think about how far we have come and how far we still have to go.  Here’s to an exciting start to 2013.