RANCHO DEL SOL is an organic farm located in the east county of San Diego, California. The 40 acre farm was established in 1981 when the owners, Linda and Bill Zaiser bought cactus filled land in Jamul and began growing citrus trees. Since this time they have planted over 4,000 specialty citrus and avocados. The hot days and cool nights at their hilltop farm provides ideal growing conditions for Blood oranges – a citrus that needs the varying temperature to produce its dark pigmented flesh (due to the presence of anthocyanins). Specifically, their Moro Blood Oranges are as intensely dark as they are flavorful – and its the reason we only use their blood oranges in our marmalade. Rancho Del Sol also provides us Sorrento Lemon – the Italian variety of lemon with aromatic rinds and highly acidic flesh.